Open Doors Initiative

We are a group of over 100 companies and NGOs, who work with government to create pathways to employment for marginalised people. These can be internships, scholarships, training courses, aiding entrepreneurs or full/part time employment, from a range of backgrounds and abilities. These can be developed out on a bespoke basis with organisations to include specific projects. The people we work with include refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth (including those from a Traveller background, LGBTIQ+, ex-offenders and so on).

We offer online training, mentorships, assisted learning, seminars, inhouse training for existing employees on a range of subjects and can assist with funding for training courses you run. We have ongoing meet ups with other companies and supporting partners who are working to create diversity and inclusion within their organisations.

More information here  Open Doors PDF

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Twitter: @OpenDoorstoWork