Open Doors Initiative

We are a group of over 100 companies and NGOs, who work with government to create pathways to employment for marginalised people. These can be internships, scholarships, training courses, aiding entrepreneurs or full/part time employment, from a range of backgrounds and abilities. These can be developed out on a bespoke basis with organisations to include […]

Dublin City awarded prestigious UNESCO Learning City Award 2021

Dublin City of Learning received the Learning City Award from UNESCO – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation – at its Annual Conference of Learning Cities in Yeonsu, South Korea, 27th October 2021. According to UNESCO, a Learning City embodies a culture of lifelong learning, promotes quality and excellence of learning, facilitates learning […]

Poverty and Social Exclusion – Ireland

The Roadmap for Social Inclusion 2020-2025 contains Ireland’s national targets on poverty and social inclusion.  It builds on the work of previous National Anti-Poverty Strategies.  In the Roadmap for Social Inclusion the government reaffirms its commitment to achieve the long-held, but as yet unrealised, ambition of reducing consistent poverty to 2% or less by 2025.  Government […]

European Pillar of Social Rights

The European Pillar of Social Rights is our guide towards a Europe that is fair, inclusive and full of opportunity. Now it’s time to turn the principles into actions. Social rights belong to all of us: from the right to equal opportunities to employment support, from work-life balance to healthcare.