Welcome from the Lord Mayor of Dublin

Welcome to Dublin City Council’s Inclusion and Integration Week 2022, an initiative which aims to promote inclusion and integration and devise new and exciting ways to ensure our citizens from all backgrounds and identities are included in Dublin.

Diversity is often visible but is also present in our actions and beliefs. Difference makes us unique but is also what brings us together with other like-minded people in our communities.

2022 has seen an influx of new faces from all over the world into Dublin to work, live, study and for safety. Inclusion is a key factor in fostering a welcoming and inviting atmosphere and generating a sense of belonging and participation amongst all. Integration is key to building sustainable communities and bringing together people from various backgrounds and social groups into a citywide collective of active citizenship.

Our cost of living is rising and impacting disproportionately and with winter on its way we are faced with struggles at various levels. Taking the time to be welcoming to a new face can have a big impact and we should welcome those new to our city with smiles, laughter and warmth. Dubliners are renowned for our friendliness and compassion, so let’s show that to our new citizens, our minority identities and importantly to old friends we haven’t seen in a while.

If we as a city can take these steps and learn lessons from each other throughout Inclusion and Integration Week 2022 to take into our everyday lives, we can truly make Dublin “A City for All”.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy

Dublin Inclusion and Integration Week 2022

Dublin City Council’s Social Inclusion Section are delighted to announce the return of the Inclusion and Integration Week 2022 which will take place from Monday 7th to Monday 14th of November, 2022 to celebrate and promote Dublin a City for All.

Inclusion and Integration week has an event for everyone and aims to bring on board anyone in Dublin who may face barriers to social inclusion. It is particularly targeted at young people, older people, those living with disabilities, members of the Traveller community, early school leavers and migrants.

There are a variety of cultural and wellbeing events for people from all walks of life. Some of the events taking place throughout the week include photography exhibitions, health & wellbeing seminars, film screenings and live concerts.

Check our week programme below!

Exhibition: Seen to be Heard

Dublin City Council Inclusion and Integration Week presents the exhibition entitled Seen To Be Heard, curated by gallery Belfast Exposed. Award-winning photographer Jennifer Willis, featured 32 portraits of women from Northern Ireland all living with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

Photographer Jennifer Willis started this project 6 months ago in her Belfast Studio and brought together 16 women, currently suffering from secondary breast cancer. They have united in their passion to educate people on the need for secondary cancer care services to be changed. Willis has created raw and captivating portraits of these women who bravely bare their scars and also portray their everyday lives.

This exhibition is part of the Inclusion and Integration Week, running from the 7th – 14th November at The Atrium, Civic Offices, Dublin City Council Wood Quay, Dublin 8

Ticket Only Event

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