Welcome from the Lord Mayor of Dublin

We welcome you to celebrate Dublin City Council’s Inclusion and Integration Week 2023! From the 6th to 12th of November we will celebrate all who call Dublin home.

It is our duty to protect and cherish the incredible diversity of Dublin as we are so lucky to live in a city full of differences and cultures. Every resident has something to contribute to the story that is Dublin and their input should no longer be blocked by barriers to social inclusion.

2023 has gifted us even more opportunities to learn and meet people from all over the world as well as re-introduce ourselves to neighbours and people often excluded from the friendly closeness of our city. We must continue to welcome everyone and make everyone feel welcome.

This special week in November is named Inclusion and Integration Week as they are the key factors in creating the warm and welcoming atmosphere Dublin is known for. Through fun and exciting activities, classes, workshops and so much more, we aim to involve and honour all residents of Dublin to ensure everyone is included and has integration opportunities.

Kindness is something I want to focus on during my time as Lord Mayor. It can begin with a smile, a friendly wave or a neighbourly welcome to a new or old friend. Kindness can be shown in small gestures not just big ones. We can all benefit from a city that is kind. I am a believer that when you are kind to someone, someone else will be kind to you.

Feeling excluded in your home for however long is not an experience people in Dublin should have, so let’s welcome and include all.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Daithí de Róiste